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About the SonTek-SL (3G)

Stormwater Monitoring

Whether you are new to taking flow measurements, or measure currents for a living, our Application Engineers make it their job to work with you at your pace and skill level. Choose from live, hands-on training, or elect to participate in one of our many online “webinars” at your convenience. We offer options as diversified as our customers!

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Our top-notch Customer Service team is always a click or call away. Have a question about your new RiverSurveyor M9? Maybe you just need find out when your CastAway-CTD calibration is due. No matter the topic, we're here to help!

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Meet some of the team

Janice Landsfeld - Product Manager

Janice Landsfeld

Product Manager

Joining SonTek in 2008, Janice combines her extensive SonTek technical knowledge with an understanding of customer needs to deliver the best products possible. Prior to SonTek, Janice enjoyed applying her academic background in oceanography to the practical world of hydrographic surveying for NOAA.

Isaac Jones - Applications Engineer

Isaac Jones

Applications Engineer

Isaac has an MS in Geosciences from San Francisco State University and BS in Earth science from UC, Santa Cruz. He has worked for the USGS to deployed ADCPs and ADVs in the surf zone and nearshore at Ocean Beach, San Francisco to measure nearshore circulation as a part of the SF Bight Coastal Processes Study.

Brittany Jenner - Technical Support

Brittany Jenner

Technical Support

Brittany comes from the Marine Sciences department at the University of North Carolina. During her time at UNC, she collected ADV/ADCP in a salt water marsh ecosystem along the Florida Gulf Coast. When not analyzing data, you can find her in a nearby tributary, teaching stream hydrology field techniques.


SonTek-SL 3G with SmartPulseHD®

TECH NOTE: SonTek-SL 3G with SmartPulseHD®

The new SonTek-SL (3G) features SonTek's exclusive SmartPulseHD®* feature for dynamic selection and optimization of the acoustic pulsing scheme. The feature was first introduced with the RiverSurveyor ADCP for instantaneous discharge measurements on moving platforms. Later, the feature was incorporated in the fixed-mounted SonTek-IQ. SmartPulseHD's unique algorithms provide the user "intelligent" data and this technical note describes the feature and its use in SonTek-SL 3G instruments. *Patent pending.