Case Studies

App Note: SonTek-IQ Shallow Flow Meter Revolutionizes Flow Measurement in the Australian Bush

It’s hard to picture just how flat Australia’s Murray-Darling Basin is, but picture this – tens of thousands of square kilometers braided with slow-flowing rivers and streams with virtually no fall in their channels. Amid the tangle is Colombo Creek, a modest stream with a slope of just 31 meters in 60 kilometers (about 3 feet per mile). With such a flat profile, the backwater effect of confluences, fallen trees, slumped banks and even algal blooms can dramatically impact flow and affect accuracy of rating curves.

App Note: Dam Removal in Washington Yields Flow Measurement Challenges

An ambitious plan to turn back the hands of time by nearly a century on the Elwha River in northwest Washington State is being carefully studied by stakeholders on other river systems where long-standing dams may someday be breached. Dismantling two concrete hydroelectric dams built in the early 20th century requires careful planning, skilled execution, and close attention to the flow of water that will nurture the reemergence of the river’s salmon population.

App Note: Jag Ski Creates Versatile Platform for Bay Study

Webb’s work with his Jag Ski – named in honor of University of South Alabama’s Jaguars – offers insight into the dynamics of the Mobile Bay estuary, the performance of structures designed to repair the barrier island at the mouth of the Bay, and the potential of the PWC as a research tool.

App Note: Lower Colorado River Authority Data Delivers On-the-Spot Forecasts

Keith Ging, senior hydrologist in the Hydromet Operations group of the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA), has a Texas-sized challenge. “Our main purpose is to determine how much water is flowing into streams and canals, how much water is fl owing into our lakes and out of our lakes, and to make sure that data gets to the people who can use it in their decision-making,” says Ging in LCRA’s headquarters in Austin, Texas.

App Note: HydroSurveyor Enables Rapid Reservoir Surveys

As the regulatory requirement to assess United Kingdom reservoirs and lakes expands to include smaller bodies of water, SonTek’s HydroSurveyor system has been configured into a remote control boat so that hydrometric data can be obtained quickly, simply, safely and accurately.

App Note: Considerations for Sea Cage Aquaculture

The consumer popularity of marine finfish in recent years has led to an increase in the demand for the culture of traditional species and also experimentation with several newer species. This popularity has led to an increased demand for marine aquaculture sites in several areas.

App Note: Argonaut-XR Customer Stories

In February 2006 field tests began on the SonTek® Modbus Interface Module (MIM.) These tests were conducted by the Central Arizona Irrigation District (CAIDD) of Eloy, AZ and the USDA’s U.S. Arid-Land Agricultural Research Center from Maricopa, AZ (formerly the U.S. Water Conservation Laboratory in Phoenix).

App Note: CTD Montitoring Technology Helps Reveal Arctic Secrets

A group of Arctic researchers has employed the latest monitoring technology to investigate the effects of climate change, by measuring temperature and salinity in the water column beneath surface ice. The results of the investigation, which utilised SonTek’s new CastAway-CTD™ instrument, could cast new light on our understanding of the ways in which shifting ocean currents impact the climate in northern Europe.

App Note: Acoustic Doppler Current Meters Guide Intelligent Decisions on Malaysia’s SMART Project

The awe-inspiring scope of Malaysia’s Stormwater Management and Road Tunnel (SMART) Project – 12 kilometers of tunnels 11.8 meters in diameter, capturing up to 4 million cubic meters of floodwater – staggers the imagination. The concept of a tunnel that detours traffic under crowded Kuala Lumpur streets during dry weather and shunts stormwater safely beneath downtown during flood events is
as exciting as it is creative.
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