Case Study Topic: Bathymetry

Case Study: Remote Bathmetric Survey in Kalgoorlie Mine Pits, Australia

Previously, volume surveys of impounded waters in pit lakes had been undertaken using Total Station positioning and soundings taken froma boat on the lake. This was a labour intensive process with up to four people required for the survey. In addition to this was the safety concerns associated with working on the water in boats. Kellie Carter, Senior Environmental Advisor, approached Xylem regarding any possible solutions to make this process more efficient.

Paper: Discharge and Bathymetric Data Collection of Sinar Mas Forestry Plantantation Canals in Indonesia

Water management in the Sinar Mas Forestry plantations presents an immense amount of challenges. With over 2.6 million hectares of concession areas to manage, a comprehensive and dynamic water management plan is essential. For example, during the annual dry season, water table management is critical to prevent peat fires and for peatland forest conservation. However during the wet season, attention is switched to flood management at low elevation areas.
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