Case Study Topic: Discharge

Évaluation de la performance grâce aux données de terrain

Cette note technique présente certains aspects techniques du RS5 et met en lumière ses capacités sur le terrain en montrant des comparaisons de données utilisant d'autres systèmes ADCP sur une grande variété de sites différents. Les données présentées dans cette note technique ont été utilisées pour le développement des algorithmes acoustiques du RS5 et pour optimiser les performances des mesures de débit à faible profondeur.

Tech Note: ADCP Site Selection Guide

Recommendations on ADCP Site Selection One of the most often overlooked sources of errors or issues with river velocity and discharge measurements using an acoustic Doppler current profiling system (ADCP) is site selection. You can get everything right in regard to the instrument operation, installation, etc., but if you have chosen a site where the basic assumptions of ADCP river measurements have been violated, then you will not get accurate data. Choosing the right site is key and here is some guidance on site selection best practices.

FlowTracker2 Brochure

The new FlowTracker2 (FT2) handheld Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter (ADV®) has all the technology you have grown to know and trust with the original FlowTracker, but now comes with functional, modernized features (Bluetooth, GPS and large color screen, to name only a few) based on the evaluation and feedback from hydrologists, researchers and scientists who have made the FlowTracker their instrument of choice.

Case Study: Establishment of a Hydrographic Monitoring Site in Australia

SonTek-SL1500 Xylem Water Solutions were appointed by Local Government in Bundaberg to establish hydrographic monitoring site in Bundaberg Creek, just upstream of the confluence with the Burnett River. The monitoring objectives at the hydrographic monitoring site consisted of surface water level and flow measurement in real-time available through cloud based hydrological information management system (HIMS). Part of the initial site establishment consisted of performing detailed bathymetric survey of the Bundaberg Creek from upstream the Quay St Footbridge up to the confluence of the Burnett River for hydraulic analysis of the channel.

Case Study: Summer On Ice: Stream Flow Data Improve Greenland Ice Melt Models

In 2015, a UCLA team of research scientists returned to southwestern Greenland to study meltwater runoff over three solid days of uninterrupted monitoring. If the their 2012 expedition provided snapshots of the movement of meltwater, the follow-up study that measured the same stream hourly for seven days straight delivered a movie of supraglacial stream flow-data proportions.

Paper: Discharge and Bathymetric Data Collection of Sinar Mas Forestry Plantantation Canals in Indonesia

Water management in the Sinar Mas Forestry plantations presents an immense amount of challenges. With over 2.6 million hectares of concession areas to manage, a comprehensive and dynamic water management plan is essential. For example, during the annual dry season, water table management is critical to prevent peat fires and for peatland forest conservation. However during the wet season, attention is switched to flood management at low elevation areas.
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