Case Study Topic: Floods

Évaluation de la performance grâce aux données de terrain

Cette note technique présente certains aspects techniques du RS5 et met en lumière ses capacités sur le terrain en montrant des comparaisons de données utilisant d'autres systèmes ADCP sur une grande variété de sites différents. Les données présentées dans cette note technique ont été utilisées pour le développement des algorithmes acoustiques du RS5 et pour optimiser les performances des mesures de débit à faible profondeur.

Tech Note: Beam Separation in ADPs and ADCPs

Beam Separation Monostatic acoustic transducers used on acoustic Doppler current profilers (ADPs or ADCPs) are used in pairs and groups to resolve multi-directional water velocity and sometimes track position. It is critical that the acoustic signal from these groups of beams show the same acoustic decay at the same decibel (dB) level. Beam separation is defined by the difference in dB among the beams, if any one beam differs by more than 10 dB, this beam is considered to be separated from the others.

FlowTracker2 Brochure

The new FlowTracker2 (FT2) handheld Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter (ADV®) has all the technology you have grown to know and trust with the original FlowTracker, but now comes with functional, modernized features (Bluetooth, GPS and large color screen, to name only a few) based on the evaluation and feedback from hydrologists, researchers and scientists who have made the FlowTracker their instrument of choice.

Case Study: Closing the Gates - Monitoring and Ingenuity Help Lousiana Communities Battle Storms

Flood Control Gate System The federal government saw the need for a flood control system through Terrebonne (Louisiana) and neighboring parishes, and in 1992, began a study to map out a project. Congressional acts in 2007 and 2014 resulted in authorizations for a $10.8 billion plan—dubbed the Morganza to the Gulf Hurricane Protection System after the town that marks its projected starting point— but the government never funded the projects. Closely monitoring stage and flow in real-time with instruments such as the SonTek-SL has allowed the levee district team to see the dramatic effects of landscape, wind, and tide on surges across the parish.
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