Case Study Topic: Stormwater

Tech Note: ADCP Site Selection Guide

Recommendations on ADCP Site Selection One of the most often overlooked sources of errors or issues with river velocity and discharge measurements using an acoustic Doppler current profiling system (ADCP) is site selection. You can get everything right in regard to the instrument operation, installation, etc., but if you have chosen a site where the basic assumptions of ADCP river measurements have been violated, then you will not get accurate data. Choosing the right site is key and here is some guidance on site selection best practices.

Case Study: Closing the Gates - Monitoring and Ingenuity Help Lousiana Communities Battle Storms

Flood Control Gate System The federal government saw the need for a flood control system through Terrebonne (Louisiana) and neighboring parishes, and in 1992, began a study to map out a project. Congressional acts in 2007 and 2014 resulted in authorizations for a $10.8 billion plan—dubbed the Morganza to the Gulf Hurricane Protection System after the town that marks its projected starting point— but the government never funded the projects. Closely monitoring stage and flow in real-time with instruments such as the SonTek-SL has allowed the levee district team to see the dramatic effects of landscape, wind, and tide on surges across the parish.
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