A Day in the Life of a Hydrographer

Tagged with: Discharge Measurement

A 360-degree experience! (Best viewed in 4K.)

There is nothing more essential to life on our planet than water. One billion people lack access to clean water. Two billion people have been affected by severe flooding in the past 20 years. And nearly 70% of the global population will face water shortages by 2025.

In all manners of extreme challenges and conditions, it takes a hero to build a career in the water industry. But what is a job in water like? This video looks at a day in the life of Xylem Application Engineer and Hydrographer Kevin Labbe. Previously working for the USGS and now Xylem Environmental Solutions, Kevin has over 25 years of experience in water quality and flow data collection technology. Kevin helps customers learn how to best use sophisticated scientific instrumentation, whether it’s in the hot, muggy, mosquito infested estuaries off Little St. Simons, Georgia, or in below-zero environments where unforgiving, icy conditions still require data. 

Specialists working in the water industry are essential to providing clean and affordable water, making those who work in the industry crucial, especially in times of crisis. Hydrographers, Hydrologists, Research Scientists (and more) work to better understand water properties and distribution are paramount to making sure this resource is sustainable well into the future.