Principles of Extrapolation and Screening of Velocity Profiles

Tagged with: Hydrosurveyor, RiverSurveyor S5 & M9

This webinar, hosted by Senior Hydrologist Daniel Wagenaar, covers Velocity Profile Principles, Extrapolation of Velocity Profiles, Implementation of Screening Distance and more.

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The extrapolation and screening of velocity profile measurements from Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler instruments are essential aspects of the measurement process. It is important to understand the fundamental principles of velocity profiles within a channel and the reason why the extrapolation process can have substantial impact on the final discharge calculation.

Key points include:

• Velocity Profile Principles
• Extrapolation of Velocity Profiles
• Implementation of Screening Distance
• RSL (SonTek): RiverSurveyor Live Software (SonTek)
• QRev (USGS): Software for Computation and Quality Assurance of Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler Moving-Boat Streamflow Measurements

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