FlowTracker2 Training Series: Chapter 5 - Single Point Measurements

Tagged with: FlowTracker2, Discharge Measurement

This video is number five in a series of chapters discussing recommended operation and measurement practices when using the FlowTracker2 handheld Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter (ADV) as part of your environmental water monitoring program.

In this chapter, SonTek Product Manager Janice Landsfeld reviews how to start a single point wading measurement with the FlowTracker2 during the discharge measurement process. She demonstrates the use of pre-measurement graphics to make sure your top-setting wading rod is properly set, the acoustic beam is working, and the sensor is positioned properly before you collect data. Also, Janice reviews the multiple graphs that can be seen in real-time during the measurement interval, explaining each step, while a simulation of the FlowTracker2’s large color screen mirrors everything you will see during the measurement process - including QC of your data as it’s being collected. Finally, when the point measurement is finished, we see the results before accepting them and saving to the instrument. [Preliminary video release.]

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