SonTek in the Community

SonTek Volunteers Hakan Erdem, SonTek General Manager Hakan Erdem
SonTek General Manager

SonTek is a leader in the development of advanced technology that measures the movement and flow of water. And as part of Xylem, a global provider of fluid technology and equipment solutions, we feel it is our responsibility to act as good corporate citizens and leaders in the communities in which we do business.

We believe in outreach, education and volunteerism. Our employees are encouraged to come to work every day with an altruistic sense of purpose in knowing that they, along with our customers who are scientists, researchers and water management professionals, contribute to a greater good – getting water to where it is needed most, and protecting communities from floods and other natural disasters.

We believe our reputation, together with the trust and confidence of those with whom we deal, to be among our most valuable assets.

Finally, as part of the Xylem family, we believe in the spirit of environmental sustainability. Read more about the Xylem's sustainability mission to "solve water" here.

Water For People - Peru

Water For People

Water Assessment Services in Rural Peru

Peru has a population of 29 million people and in rural areas, only 65% of people have access to viable water sources and sanitization.  Xylem Watermark is the altruistic and community development arm of Xylem. They recently partnered with non-profit "Water for People" to provide water assessment services for a rural area in Peru. The mission was to conduct 10 surveys per day... for 5 days X 10 teams = 500 families. SonTek voluteer, Adam Jackson, represented the San Diego team.

SonTek Volunteer, Adam Jackson

Discovery Walk at the Earthlab

Measuring Conductivity with the CastAway-CTD

Children participating in the Discovery Walk at the Earthlab program recently got a little hands-on experience collecting data under the mentorship of Xylem's Brittany Jenner and Adam Jackson. Brittany and Adam ran the Water Quality Station where they used Xylem test kits to teach kids about pH, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, and temperature. They also showed them how to measure conductivity using the CastAway-CTD. The program is an initiative hosted by San Diego-Chollas Creek - a not-for-profit environmental business working with the citizens in the Chollas Creek watershed to improve the creek and its communities.

Volunteer, Barrett Gaylord

New York Oyster Reef Study

The Science Behind the Argonaut-XR

New York Harbor used to have a thriving oyster population prior to industrialization during the late-1800s/early-1900s. There have been concerted efforts recently to restore the Harbor's oyster population, and The Harbor School is installing its own artificial oyster reefs to teach students and the public how restoration is accomplished. They're installing water quality instruments, water current instruments and an underwater camera to teach their students real restoration science and to involve the public. Volunteer, Barrett Gaylord takes some time to educate the students on the science behind Argonaut-XR.