Ocean and Coastal Monitoring

Sometimes all you need is a little insight into waves, tides, and currents. However, other projects require sophisticated, complex and long-term ocean monitoring solutions involving a multi-faceted approach to data collection.

Whether in shallow coastal environments, or deep blue ocean, Xylem provides solutions for environmental research used in oceanographic, hydrographic and climate research markets. Aanderaa, SonTek, Waterlog, and YSI deliver the most technologically advanced self-contained and integrated remote underwater observation systems, environmental monitoring buoys, telemetry, water quality and velocity sensors in the world.

Also, YSI's Integrated Systems & Services (ISS) division is a complete system integrator, providing on-site engineering and manufacturing to produce environmental monitoring buoys, telemetry systems, vertical profiling platforms, PAR products, and custom solutions. Once your solution is deployed, ISS field specialists will help you maintain it long-term.

SonTek Products

SonTek-SL Series

SonTek®-SL Series

Inspired by the need for a simple way to measure water velocity and level in open channels

Inspired by the need for a SIMPLE way to measure water velocity and level in open channels, the SonTek-SL (affectionately known as the Side-Looker or "SL") has earned worldwide acceptance as a long-term monitoring solution. Now, with two new (3G) models turbo-charged by our proprietary SmartPulseHD®, the SonTek-SL features  accessories, mounting options, software, and a variety of integration formats to ensure it fits your application.

Designed specifically for side mounting on bridges, canal walls, or riverbanks, the SL's SLEEK, low-profile housing makes installation easy.  With three models to choose from, the SL can be used in channels as small as you can jump across to rivers as wide as the Amazon. Ultra narrow beam widths combined with unmatched side lobe suppression provide the SUPERIOR acoustic directivity necessary for achieving maximum horizontal range free of interference from surface or bottom boundaries.



Exceptional value for near shore deployments

The Argonaut-XR offers exceptional value for near shore deployments in less than 40 m of water. Designed specifically for mounting on the bottom of a river, channel, or harbor, the XR features a special mode that automatically adjusts one of its measurement cells for changing water level. Its small size, rugged build, and flexible system architecture make the XR attractive for both real-time operation and autonomous deployments.



The first handheld castable instrument that provides instantaneous profiles of temperature, salinity, and sound speed

Designed for coastal profiling, the CastAway-CTD® incorporates a 6-electrode conductivity cell, coupled with a fast response thermistor to provide highly accurate, high resolution CTD measurements to depths of 100 m. Now Integrated with HYPACK!

NOW AVAILABLE: The CastAway-CTD educational curriculum with emphasis on ocean chemistry for use by high school and university level instructors who wish to provide students:

  • The theory behind SALINITY: why is the ocean salty and how is salinity measured?
  • What is the Law of Constant Proportions and how does it apply to salinity?
  • Hands-on CastAway field activity emphasizing proper scientific data collection procedures;
  • Post-field work analysis of CastAway data and comparisons to global ocean temperatures and salinity data-sets available online;
  • Conservative and non-conservative elements;
  • Residence Time worksheet for tracers;
  • and more!

>> DOWNLOAD LESSON PLAN  (CastAway-CTD serial number required)

Other Xylem Brands



Multiparameter 6-port water quality sonde with anti-fouling wiper

The EXO advanced water quality monitoring platform includes the versatile multiparameter EXO2 sonde for oceanographic, estuarine, or surface water applications. Smart Sondes and sensors allows the user to automatically configure a sonde with different sensor for different applications in minutes.

Aanderaa SmartGuard

Aanderaa SmartGuard

The next generation sensor and instrument HUB for Ocean, Lake, Reservoir, Estuary and River Hydrometric stations.

Monitoring water and weather  conditions is essential in many operations and the SmartGuard node is well suited for stand-alone stations powered by battery and solar power utilizing wireless real-time data communication. Designed for ease of integration of new and existing sensor technologies into a single Aanderaa observatory node with modern self-describing XML data output formats.

YSI Integrated Systems Coastal Buoy

YSI Integrated Systems Coastal Buoy

Large buoy designed for long-term monitoring in harsh environments

This ocean-capable buoy supports a full array of water quality sensors, data acquisition systems, and meteorological sensors. Its hull and structure are rugged enough to withstand significant wind and wave activity in ocean applications in less than 75 meters of water depth.

Aanderaa RCM Blue

Aanderaa RCM Blue

A new self-recording dedicated current meter with Bluetooth for communications and data retrieval.

The RCM Blue is a self-recording Current Meter which also measures water temperature in salt or fresh water, and a battery container with battery capacity up to 70Ah. The Doppler Current Sensor is an upgraded version of the proven SeaGuard ZPulse sensor. The instrument configuration and data retrieval is done via Bluetooth which eliminates the need to open the pressure case for repeated deployments.