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The SonTek 16-MHz MicroADV (Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter) is the most significant breakthrough in 3-axis (3D) current meter technology since the original SonTek ADV. The original SonTek ADV has compared favorably with Laser systems costing ten times as much — the MicroADV fares even better. The higher acoustical frequency of 16 MHz makes the MicroADV the optimal instrument for laboratory work. Like all SonTek instruments, the MicroADV is extremely simple to set up and use. Most users are taking high-quality data within minutes of receiving the system.

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Boasting a sampling volume of less than 0.09cc and sampling rates up to 50 Hz, the 16-MHz MicroADV is an ideal laboratory instrument for low flow and turbulence studies.

16MHz ADV Beam GeometryStandard Features

  • Three-axis velocity measurement
  • Sensor mounted on a 25cm stem
  • High sampling rates — up to 50 Hz
  • Small sampling volume — less than 0.1 cm3
  • High accuracy: 1% of measured range
  • Large velocity range: 1 mm/s to 2.5 m/s
  • Excellent low-flow performance
  • No recalibration needed
  • Comprehensive software, including HorizonADV
  • Proven SonTek reliability

Optional Features

  • Sensor mounted on a 40cm stem or 100cm cable
  • Analog outputs
  • Analog input module for synchronizing external sensors
  • Compass/Tilt Sensor
  • Pressure Sensor (Frequency–RPT or Paroscientific)
  • Several probe configurations available

Available in both laboratory and field-ruggedized configurations, the ADV has proven its versatility and reliability in a wide variety of applications.

Sampling Rate 0.1 to 50 Hz
Sampling Volume 0.09 cc
Distance to Sampling Volume 5 cm
Resolution 0.01 cm/s
Programmed Velocity Range 3, 10, 30, 100, 250 cm/s
Accuracy 1% of measured velocity, 0.25 cm/s
Maximum Depth 60 m
Temperature Sensor 0.1°C
Compass/Tilt Sensor — Heading, Pitch, Roll Resolution 0.1°
Compass/Tilt Sensor — Heading Accuracy ±2°
Compass/Tilt Sensor — Pitch, Roll Accuracy ±1°
Pressure Sensor Strain Gauge - Accuracy 0.1%
Resonance Pressure Transducer (RPT) - Accuracy 0.01%
Input Power 12-24 VDC
Typical Power Consumption 2.5 to 4.0 W Operating | <1mW Sleep

HorizonADV Screenshot

HorizonADV — v 1.20 — 05Jul2007

ADVField and MicroADVField data collection and review software.

*Note: ADV systems using HorizonADV must have ADV CPU firmware version 8.0 or later installed. If you need to update your system's firmware, contact SonTek Support.

Important: If you have a version of HorizonADV earlier than v1.00, we recommend that you UNINSTALL the "old" version before installing the "new" version. This is REQUIRED for any of our beta testers.


WinADV — v 2.029 —

WinADV is ADV postprocessing software for Windows developed by Tony Wahl (USBR).

ADVField Firmware — v 8.9 — 24Jan2011

SonTek has released ADVField firmware version 8.9.  This firmware corrects an issue in all previous firmware versions affecting autonomous deployments in 2011 and beyond. For additional details please refer to the Release Document included in the firmware package.

ADVLab DOS Suite (Standard) — v 4.40 — 07Nov2001

ADVLab DOS-based programs used to control operation and to access data. This version is for systems WITHOUT analog inputs.

ADVLab DOS Suite (Analog Inputs) — v 4.40 — 07Nov2001

ADVLab DOS-based programs used to control operation and to access data. This version is for systems WITH analog inputs.

MicroADVLab Dos Suite (Standard) — v 5.80 — 15Mar2000

MicroADVLab DOS-based programs used to control operation and to access data.

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The HorizonADV Windows-based (8/7/Vista/XP/2K) software package offers a flexible and dynamic user interface designed to easily guide you through the data collection and review process.


Flume Measurements with the MicroADV

Flume Measurements with the MicroADV

A research group from the hydraulic laboratory at Wuhan University of Hydraulic and Electric Engineering (Wuhan, China) used several SonTek/YSI MicroADV lab systems to measure turbulence and mean flow over the water column of a flume. The photo shows the MicroADV probe and its setup platform. The research group was particularly interested in the measurements close to the bottom, and was very pleased with the MicroADV's performance.