HydroSurveyor, San Diego


HydroSurveyor, San Diego


rQPOD Remote Boat Surveying Package

INTEGRATED WITH HYPACK® The HydroSurveyor is a system designed to collect bathymetric, water column velocity profile, and acoustic bottom tracking data as part of a hydrographic survey.  The two key components of the system are the HydroSurveyor Acoustic Doppler Profiler (ADP®) platform, and the powerful, yet user-friendly, data collection software. With the HydroSurveyor platform, SonTek is able to offer an exclusive 5-beam depth sounding device, with built-in navigation, full water column velocity (currents) profiling, full compensation for speed of sound (with the CastAway-CTD), and an integrated positioning solution.

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Flexible and Fast.

Water sound speed corrections are interpolated in both space and time with the fully integrated CastAway-CTD.

All Inclusive.

Full water column velocity mapping, 5-beam depth sounding and acoustic bottom tracking (for speed over ground when GPS is lost) provide comprehensive data for a complete solution with a single package.

Software Centric.

With built-in automatic data gridding and interpolation, even intricate surveys will not require specialized complex software, saving you time and money.

Hydrographic Survey Tool•    Sound speed integration and interpolation (with CastAway-CTD)
•    Speed over ground (Acoustic Bottom Tracking)
•    5-beam depth soundings (50° swath)
•    Water column velocity (currents) mapping
•    Automatic data gridding and interpolation
•    360° compass and two-axis tilt sensor
•    Interface for customer-supplied GPS and/or heading sensor

Addtional Options:

•    CastAway-CTD
•    Upgrade for existing RiverSurveyor M9 systems
•    SonTek RTK GPS or DGPS
•    Delrin/aluminum boat mount
•    Bluetooth/spread spectrum telemetry

Beam Specifications Vertical Beam Slanted Beams
Range 0.2m to 80m 0.2m to 40m
Beam Angles
Depth — Accuracy 0.02m (sound speed corrected)
Depth — Resolution 0.001m
Swath Width 50°
Profiling Range — Distance 0.06m to 40m
Profiling Range — Velocity ± 10 m/s
Velocity — Accuracy Up to ± 0.25%, ± 0.2 cm/s
Velocity — Resolution 0.001 m/s
Number of Cells Up to 128
Cell Size 0.02m to 4m
Acoustic Bottom Tracking — Range ± 10 m/s
Acoustic Bottom Tracking — Altitude 0.2 – 40m
SonTek RTK GPS — Horizontal Precision (Repeatability) <0.03m
SonTek DGPS — SBAS GPS Horizontal Accuracy <1.0m
Transducer Configuration 8-beam Janus (4 x 1MHz; 4 x 3MHz) and 1 Vertical Beam (0.5 MHz)
Temperature Sensor — Resolution ± 0.01°C
Temperature Sensor — Accuracy ± 0.1°C
Compass — Type Solid State type, with Built-in Inclinometer
Compass — Range Full 360°
Compass — Heading Accuracy ± 2°
Compass — Tilt Accuracy ± 1°
Power 12-18 VDC
Operating Temperature -5°C to 45°C
Storage Temperature -20°C to 70°C

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HydroSurveyor Software — v 1.50 — 22OCT2014

The user-friendly HydroSurveyor software package offers a central recording and processing platform that allows users to develop bathymetric maps with modest accuracy, using properly gridded data points. Features include CastAway-CTD integration, data gridding and interpolation, automatic track switching and a central recording platform.

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Options & Accessories

SonTek rQPOD

rQPOD Remote Surveying Package

The rQPOD includes mechanized hardware that when installed on a floating platform, transforms it into a motorized vehicle for remote shore operation and collection of ADCP data. MORE...


Castaway CTD Kit

Each Castaway kit includes a hard plastic storage/shipping case, Polyurethane jacket, 15m deployment line, Bluetooth dongle, (2) locking carabineers, (3) magnetic stylus pens, and cleaning brush. Download Brochure.

Power Communications Module

Power Communications

Features operation from AA batteries, 2.4 GHz telemetry, and optional integrated DGPS, or RTK GPS.

HydroBoard II

Floatable Platform

The flexible design of the RiverSurveyor and HydroSurveyor systems enables use either over the side of a boat, or on a small floating/tetherable platform such as the SonTek Hydroboard or Trimaran. Watch Video or Download Brochure.

Boat Mount

Boat Mount

Custom designed Delrin/aluminum fixture to facilitate mounting the HydroSurveyor over the side of a boat.


The Hunt for Sumerged Steams

The Hunt for Submerged Streams

Hydrologists and water monitoring specialists at the St. Johns River Water Management District are on the hunt to find submerged springs along the bottom of the Saint Johns River and to understand the springs' input to the river system when the river level is at different stages. After discovering that their M9 could also function as a more effective tool for bathymetric mapping and velocity field mapping, they decided to upgrade the M9 to a HydroSurveyor. With data from both modes, they could create river flow models to find those submerged streams - and what they found open the teams eyes!