RiverSurveyor LIVE (RSL)

RiverSurveyor LIVE! (RSL) General Overview
RiverSurveyor Stationary LIVE! (RSSL)
What is SmartPulseHD
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The latest release of RiverSurveyor LIVE includes support for new SonTek Power & Communications Module:

  • Flexible battery options: Now the PCMs can take ANY type of AA-size battery!
  • User pairing capability: Do you operate more than one set of M9s with RTK?  Have you ever been in the field with the Rover PCM from one system, but the Base PCM from another?  Well, this is no longer a problem!  New PCMs now support user-pairing via the new RSL software.
  • Support for new SonTek-developed multiplexing radio with optimized antenna positions capability and dual power mode: This means more range, and more installation flexibility!

RiverSurveyor LIVE! (RSL) General Overview

Use RiverSurveyor LIVE software to enjoy new S5/M9 features unlike those you have ever seen before. Experience sharp, vivid and high definition velocity data with SonTek's new SmartPulseHD™* now available for RiverSurveyor S5/M9 systems.

Multi-Language Support
RiverSurveyor LIVE for PC and Mobile continues to offer full language and date/time/numerical support, including all graphics, interface, output and reports, for the following languages:

  • English
  • Spanish (Spain and Mexico)
  • Chinese
  • Catalan
  • French
  • Italian
  • Korean
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Turkish
  • Hungarian
  • Afrikaans
  • Russian

Full Graphics capabilities on RSL for Mobile
All the graphing capabilities you expect for the Windows software is now available on the Mobile platform too. Includes profiles, time series, tracks and contour graphs.

New Export and Output features
All tables and data can be automatically exported to ASCII and Excel with the click of a button. Customizing the output to meet your requirements is a snap.

Create your own Custom Reports and Graphics
All graphs can be customized and automatically exported to Word, Excel or any other application with the click of a button. Build your own reports and document your measurements the way you want.

RiverSurveyor Stationary LIVE! (RSSL)

Stationary Measurement data collection is the process of making individual velocity profile measurements at fixed locations across the width of a stream, river, or canal using the S5/M9 and then computing the resulting discharge. This is the same technique as used with current meters like the SonTek Flowtracker. The key difference when using RiverSurveyor Stationary Live (RSSL) with the S5/M9 is that the entire water column is profiled at once instead of measuring at fixed depths.


  • Measure discharge from a fixed platform, bridge, cableway or tagline
  • Measure discharge in highly turbulent areas or moving bed environments
  • Measure discharge where DGPS is unavailable


  • Simple to use – learn to make a discharge measurement in under 5 minutes
  • Colorful and intuitive interface
  • Enable/disable compass from each station
  • View real-time velocity profile data between stations
  • Continuous measurements even if communication is interrupted
  • Insert islands in a measurement section
  • Multi-language support

For users requiring data play back only, RSSL is available free of charge. For users who wish to collect S5/M9 data using RSSL and enjoy the full benefits of this package, you must purchase an upgrade access code. 

Introducing the revolutionary SmartPulseHD

SmartPulseHD is an intelligent algorithm that looks at water depth, velocity and turbulence, then adapts the acoustic pulse scheme to those conditions.  It uses a variety of cutting edge technology - multi-band acoustics, pulse-coherent, broadband, and incoherent techniques to provide the highest resolution possible. And see the clearest velocity picture possible with cell sizes down to 2 cm.

SmartPulseHD also dramatically enhances the S5/M9's ability to make low-velocity measurements. Understanding the velocity distribution during low flow events has entered a new era! And the best part - all of this happens automatically with no user settings required. Shallow-to-deep, slow-to-fast, SmartPulseHD handles it all!

SmartPulseHD is a free firmware upgrade, however an access code is required to take advantage of this feature.  To request an access code, email your RiverSurveyor S5/M9 system serial number to SonTek Customer Support. After downloading RiverSurveyor Live software and firmware, follow the installation instructions in the “RiverSurveyor Release Notes” file and use your access code to unlock SmartPulseHD.

Download instructions

  • Download the RiverSuveyorLive.zip file.
  • If you do not have version 1.00 (or later) of RiverSurveyor firmware installed, you must also download the RiverSurveyor S5/M9 Firmware.
  • Unzip both the software and firmware files to a convenient location on your computer.
  • Read the ReadMeFirst and Release Notes files for the latest information on installation instructions.

Software is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7/8/10