ViewADP & ViewADPPro

ViewADP is a Windows-based data display and analysis program. It is a post-processing package designed specifically for use with the data collected by any SonTek Acoustic Doppler Profiler (ADP™). ViewADP allows you to quickly and easily look at ADP data in a variety of ways: Contour plots, time-series graphs, 2D/3D profiles, ASCII text files.

The "Pro" version of this software (ViewADPPro) supports directional wave measurement studies and advanced data analysis. Requires the directional waves option.

*Note: A software license is required to run the Pro version of this program. This license requires that you purchase the directional waves option. If you have this option, but have not received the required software license, you can request a ViewADPPro software license.


  • ViewADP software is compatible with Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2K/98.
  • View/Analyze data in several formats: color-contour plots, time-series graphs, 2D (flat) or 3D ("current stick") profiles.ViewADPPro adds Histogram, Spectra, and Scatter plots for detailed analysis of wave measurement data.
  • View/Analyze the following data: velocity, acoustic signal strength, velocity standard deviation, signal-to-noise ratio, temperature, pressure, heading, pitch, roll, battery voltage.
  • Create and export ASCII file outputs for the following data: system configuration, header, velocity, bottom-track, signal strength, velocity standard deviation, signal-to-noise ratio, and GPS.
  • Observe velocity data in beam, XYZ, or ENU (East-North-Up) coordinates.
  • Reference velocity data to the ADP, bottom-track data, or GPS data.
  • Rotate velocity profiles to a user-selected angle.
  • Apply data-smoothing filters of varying magnitudes (Adjacent Avg, Gaussian).
  • Apply data-editing criteria (Pressure, Low SNR, Low Amp, Gradient SNR, Gradient Amp) to discard erroneous data. Note: Data editing does not alter your original data file; only the display is affected.
  • Remove the mean from displayed data based on a user-selectable range of cells.
  • Adjust scaling factors and change scaling units.
  • Zoom-in on a selected range of profiles.
  • Limit the range of profiles loaded.
  • Load more than one data file (restricted only by amount of available computer memory).
  • Use color-markers to display up to seven specific profiles and up to seven depth cells for observation on the profile graph and time-series graphs. Note: Two time-series graphs are available.
  • Print out graph displays directly to a printer.
  • Copy graph displays to the clipboard for pasting in other programs for reports or further processing.
  • Display configuration information, hardware information, and user setup information.

System Requirements

  • Any SonTek ADP
  • Directional Waves option for ViewADPPro
  • Microsoft Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2K/98
  • Pentium processor or above
  • 32 MB memory
  • 5 MB available disk space
  • Monitor capable of 800x600 resolution or better
  • 16-bit color or better recommended