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Lee Pimble, Senior Hydrologist - UK

Welcome to the SonTek Training and Event page. This is the first stop for those who would like to learn more about acoustic Doppler technology and its application in the field. Whether you are new to taking flow measurements, or measure currents for a living, our Application Specialist make it their job to work with you at your pace and skill level. Choose from live, hands-on training, or elect to participate in one of our many online "webinars" at your convenience. We offer options as diversified as our customers!

SonTek also offers agency-specific, private training. If you are interested in learning more about these highly personalized events, please contact Customer Service Director, Jeff Winters ( for more details.


SonTek Roadshow - Ventura

Live Events

SonTek offers several types of opportunities to learn about acoustic Doppler technology and use in oceans, rivers, streams, canals and laboratories. Bookmark this page and visit it often to get the latest news on upcoming training events, workshops or user conferences that may benefit you or the organization you represent. Or, sign-up for our e-newsletter, Facebook or LinkedIn!

RiverSurveyor Training Video

Online Training

Many of our events are recorded and available to watch at your convenience. You might want to consider subscribing to our YouTube channel  so you get notified every time a new video is added. Videos range from short, fun examples of user applications, to in-depth field demonstrations on general instrumentation use, site-selection, data analysis and more.

Archived Webinars

SonTek CastAway-CTD Lesson Plan

Energize Your Environmental Science Class with the CastAway-CTD!

Original Air Date: Dec 12th, 2018
Presenters: SonTek Application Engineer, Dr. Xue Fan, and special guest presenter from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Dr. Todd Martz.

The CastAway-CTD is a widely-used as a tool in environmental science classes as a way to help instructors teach water property fundamentals and demonstrate methods to collect data. Today, educators have even more resources with the NEW customized lesson plan focusing on salinity measurements, now available with all CastAway-CTDs!

UK Flood Event

Quantifying Flooding Events with Acoustic Data: Scientific Response in a Changing Climate

Original Air Date: Mar 14th, 2018
Presenters: Product Manager Janice, Janice Landsfeld and Application Engineer, Dr. Xue Fan.

It is scientific fact – there has been a marked increase in intense weather events that are continuing to grow in frequency and intensity. Globally, water resource professionals are being called to respond with data, analysis techniques and visualization to better understand, manage and model flood events and their associated impacts. With this in mind, what insights do acoustic data bring us, and what have we learned from recent extreme events that have ravaged communities and caused millions of dollars in damage?

Collect Data without a tagline!

RiverSurveyor 4.0: The new standard in collecting acoustic stationary and moving boat discharge data

Original Air Date: Feb 7th, 2017
Presenters: Product Manager, Isaac Jones and Senior Hydrologist, Daniel Wagenaar.

You might have heard about some of the big upgrades to the powerful, multi-frequency RiverSurveyor-M9, but we didn’t want you to take our word for it – the proof is in the data – and we want to share examples on how RiverSurveyor 4.0 has dramatically simplified the data collection process for hydrologists and water monitoring specialists like you!

FlowTracker2 Handheld Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter

FlowTracker2: How to Make the Highest-Quality Measurements Using a Wading Device

Original Air Date: Feb 15th, 2016
Presenters: Product Manager, Janice Landsfeld and Senior Hydrologist Daniel Wagenaar.

If you’re a hydrologist, scientist or water monitoring professional, chances are access to precise flow/discharge data in varying environmental conditions is important to your organization and the communities you serve. Better data means better decision making – often in situations that are critical and time-sensitive.You might already be collecting data using the traditional mechanical current meter, or maybe you have hands-on experience with the SonTek FlowTracker or similar wading device. Either way, nothing beats the quality assurance, data accessibility and overall performance of the new FlowTracker2 handheld ADV.

Velocity Indexing Training

The Fundamentals of Velocity Indexing

Original Air Date: Feb 18th, 2015
Presenters: Senior Hydrologist, Daniel Wagenaar and Product Manager, Janice Landsfeld.

Are you one of those scratching your head in confusion when the topic of Velocity Indexing comes up? You are not alone – it is a complex subject matter – and SonTek is here to help! Velocity Indexing (VI) is critical advantage to have in your skillset when measuring flow, discharge, and total volume. Senior Hydrologist Daniel Wagenaar, and Product Manager/Technical Specialist Janice Landsfeld will provide an introductory overview of the velocity index technique and its use with acoustic Doppler instrumentation.

Stormwater Monitoring Basics

The Do's, Dont's and Must Haves: Stormwater Monitoring Basics

Original Air Date: Nov 19th, 2014
Presenters: Kevin Simpson and Janice Landsfeld.

Stormwater monitoring doesn’t have to be an overwhelming undertaking for your organization. With proper site, sensor and equipment selection, your site or network can be up and running in no time. Our team of application specialists and engineers are dedicated to resolving your compliance criteria and remote monitoring challenges. Let us help your organization avoid a costly learning curve which could result in a loss of time, money and valuable data.

Submerged springs

Discharge, Mapping, Modeling and Beyond: The Hunt for Submerged Streams

Original Air Date: Nov 15th, 2013
Presenters: Janice Landsfeld, Isaac Jones

Hydrologists and water monitoring specialists at the St. Johns River Water Management District are on the quest to find submerged springs along the bottom of the Saint Johns River and to understand the springs’ input to the river system when the river level is at different stages. Quantifying the inputs from different sources into the river is an important goal for the team, as increasing nutrient levels are affecting the growth of vegetation and the quality of the water supply. They already owned a SonTek RiverSurveyor M9 for routine river discharge measurements. After discovering that it was possible to upgrade their M9 to a HydroSurveyor, the SJRWMD now had a new tool for bathymetric and velocity field mapping.

Flow data in canals and pipes

Collecting Flow Data Using the SonTek IQ Standard, Plus or Pipe!

Original Air Date: Jun 15th, 2013
Presenters: Janice Landsfeld, Ron Nauman

Join SonTek Product Manager, Janice Landsfeld and Ron Nauman, President and Senior Enineer at HydroScientific West, as they talk about the SonTek-IQ series, to include the lastest edition - the SonTek-IQ Pipe. See application examples and data and compare/contrast models to see what might work better in your particular application.


Profiling and Analysis with the CastAway-CTD

Original Air Date: Jun 15th, 2010
Presenters: Chris Ward, Daryl Slocum

The CastAway-CTD is a small, rugged and technically advanced CTD designed for profiling to depths of up to 100m. The system incorporates modern technical features which allow it to achieve a 5 Hz response time, fine spatial resolution and high accuracy. It uses a six electrode flow-through conductivity cell with zero external field coupled with a rapid response thermistor to attain high measurement accuracies.

Stationary Method

Stationary Measurement Method - Time for the Basics

Original Air Date: Jun 27th, 2007
Presenters: John Sloat, Matthew Hull

This Power Point (webinar) presentation provides viewers an introduction to discharge measurements, stationary ADP methodology, measurement procedure and a review of sample data collected in the field. (Legacy RiverSurveyor/RiverCat systems).

FlowTracker2 with Pressure Sensor

The Pressure is ON! The FlowTracker2 now comes with built-in pressure sensor option!

Original Air Date: Dec 13th, 2016
Presenters: Product Manager, Janice Landsfeld and Senior Hydrologist Daniel Wagenaar.

Yes the pressure is on – the FlowTracker2 now with optional pressure sensor, that is! If you’re a hydrologist, scientist or water monitoring professional, chances are access to flow/discharge data in varying environmental conditions is important to your organization and the communities you serve. Better data means better decision making – often in situations that are critical and time-sensitive. As part of your smart-decision making routine, and when collecting precise water depth data is MANDATORY, now you can add FlowTracker2 with pressure sensor to your arsenal of instruments.


HydroSurveyor-M9 powered by HYPACK Max – Learn how this new powerhouse pair take hydrographic surveying to the next level!

Original Air Date: Aug 23rd, 2016
Presenters: SonTek Product Manager, Isaac Jones and HYPACK General Manager, Harold Orlinsky.

You might have heard the buzz about the new HydroSurveyor-M9, CastAway-CTD and HYPACK integration, but are not sure how this new relationship might simplify your bathymetric data collection in a practical (and budget-friendly) way. If you're interested in learning more then join us as SonTek Product Manager, Isaac Jones, and HYPACK General Manager, Harold Orlinsky give you an overview and share customer examples of how this powerful instrument/software duo is solving real-world problems today!

Jag Ski Webinar

Jag Ski Creates Versatile Platform for Bay Study

Original Air Date: Sep 3rd, 2014
Presenters: SonTek Applications Engineer, Isaac Jones and University of Alabama Researcher, Dr. Bret Webb.

Dr. Bret Webb uses his Jag Ski – outfitted with a RiverSurveyor M9 (recently upgraded with the HydroSurveyor software) and a Portable Sea Keeper water quality testing system for bathymetric surveys, multi-parameter water quality testing and studies of the flow of water and pollutants. Join Dr. Webb, and SonTek Applications Engineer Isaac Jones, for a one-hour online presentation as they talk about various case-studies where the Jag Ski has been instrumental in collecting data for routine monitoring of beaches, scientific studies of coastal lagoons, and engineering assessments of tidal flow.

SonTek-SL (Side-looking) online presentation

5 tech-savvy ways to measure flow in places you never thought possible!

Original Air Date: Jul 8th, 2014
Presenters: SonTek Product Manager, Janice Landsfeld and Applications Engineer, Brittany Jenner

While every application is unique, there are challenges familiar to every scientist, engineer and water monitoring specialist trying to collect data in hard-to-reach areas or in complex conditions. Join us for this online event where you will get five nuggets of information that might simplify your data collection process or completely alleviate some of your biggest headaches altogether!

RiverSurveyor ADP

Shallow Water - Deep Data: Learn More About the Remarkable RiverSurveyor S5

Original Air Date: Jun 15th, 2013
Presenters: David Velasco, Chris Evans

The rugged five-beam RiverSurveyor S5 has been overshadowed a bit too long by its "big-brother", the RiverSurveyor M9, so we thought it was about time to provide a focused opportunity for water monitoring specialists to learn more about the most powerful shallow water discharge measurement platform on the market!

Bathymetric Surveying

Velocity Mapping, Navigation and Depth Sounding with the SonTek HydroSurveyor

Original Air Date: Oct 15th, 2012
Presenters: David Velasco, John Sloat

SonTek's HydroSurveyor is a system designed to collect bathymetric, water column velocity profile, and acoustic bottom tracking data as part of a hydrographic survey. The two key components of the system are the HydroSurveyor Acoustic Doppler Profiler (ADP®) platform, and the powerful, yet user-friendly, data collection software. Join SonTek Product Line Manager, David Velasco, and Senior Hydrologist, John Sloat as they present a basic technical overview the HydroSurveyor, talk about data collection 'Best Practices" and answer your questions regarding this latest member of the SonTek instrumentation family.

Waves. Tides. Currents.

Taking the Mystery Out of Measuring Waves, Tides and Currents

Original Air Date: May 9th, 2007
Presenters: David Velasco, Matthew Hull

This Power Point (Webinar) presentation that hopes to simplify some of the challenges behind collecting wave, tide and current data. Deployment and system options are discussed, as well as popular research methods that are enhanced with the precision that acoustic Doppler technology provides.