Video Topic: Argonaut-ADV

Using Argonaut Cables for the New SL and IQ Series

how do I know which cable is best for my IQ/SL?
  In this short video, Product Manager Janice Yasui talks about Argonaut cables can also be adapted and used for the newer SonTek-SL and SonTek-IQ models.

Aquaculture, reef studies, sediment transport and more - Choose the right ADV and use it like a pro!

  The first Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter (ADV) was introduced to the scientific world by SonTek in 1993. It was used primarily in lab environments for controlled studies requiring highly precise single point water velocity data.

Over the years, the ADV family of instruments grew, as well as the locations in which they were being used. Today, while you can still find ADV’s as a standard part of any university hydraulic lab arsenal, you can also find systems actively being used for coastal wave studies, estuarine research and river/stream flow modelling.
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