Video Topic: Discharge Measurement

Top Reasons You Need the RS5

When You Already Have the FlowTracker, an M9, or other ADCP
  If you're already a SonTek customer, or familiar with the acoustic Doppler technology in general, you might ask yourself, why would I use the RS5 ADCP when I already have another system like a RiverSurveyor-M9, or maybe even a FlowTracker. Well in this video, we're going to give you 5-and-a-half reasons why you would want to go with the RS5 over other flow sensors.

Why Collect Water Quality Data When All You Need is Flow (or Vise Versa!)

Discover the Power of Combining Water Monitoring Technology
  Learn how Grace College's Lilly Center for Lakes and Streams combines water quality and flow data together to better understand the economic and environmental impacts of of environmental conditions on freshwater lakes of Kosciusko County, Indiana, to include harmful algal blooms, zebra mussel incursions, starry stonewort, recreational usage, weather events and watershed usage for agriculture.

RS5 Video Quick Start Guide

Step-by-step instruction on how to set-up your new ADCP!
  Learn what you can expect to receive when you order your new RS5 ADCP, and learn how to set-up your system during this easy step-by-step guide.

RSQ: Visualize Discharge Data Like Never Before!

Post Processing Power for the RS5 ADCP
  In this video, Dr. Xue Fan gives you a basic RSQ software overview and shows you where to find additional features customers have requested over the years when using the RiverSurveyor suite of instrumentation.

RS5: BIG data from the world's smallest ADCP!

Informational webinar event
  Learn more about SonTek's new RS5 ADCP - the handy grab-and-go solution for water monitoring professionals who are looking for quality, high-resolution discharge and flow data, with the convenience of a small, rugged and easy to deploy package.

Demo of SonTek's new RS5 Grab-and-Go ADCP!

Facebook Live Rebroadcast
  Introducing the RS5, the latest addition to the award-winning RiverSurveyor® family of discharge instruments. Good things really do come in small packages!

RS5 in Action!

The World's Smallest ADCP
  No need for hype is what the hype is about! Simply the best data from the world's smallest ADCP.

Continuous Wave vs Pulsed Dopplers

7 Key Questions to Ask Before Buying Your Next Flow Meter!
  Pulsed Doppler and Continuous Wave (CW) flow meters, otherwise known as “ultrasonic” or A-V meters, are well-known flow measurement systems in the water and wastewater industries. Both kinds of systems are Dopplers, yet they differ in some important ways, both technologically and operationally.

rQPOD Propeller Repair

Step-by-step instruction
  Application Specialist, Nick Martin, walks you through rQPOD propeller repair when damaged during general use.

SonTek ADCP Boat and Platform Options

Basic Gauging to Extreme Events
  SonTek Hydrology Manager for Europe, Lee Pimble, reviews some of the options to consider - from basic boards, to the handy remote control and autonomous versions.
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