Video Topic: FlowTracker2

FlowTracker2 Training with Janice Landsfeld

During this instructional video, SonTek Product Manager Janice Landsfeld will go step-by-step through the measurement process and show you all the basics of how to set up the FlowTracker2 handheld ADV, how to conduct a measurement, and how to understand the data and quality control parameters you'll be able to view--right on the instrument's color screen.

FlowTracker2 Training Series: Chapter 5 - Single Point Measurements

  In this chapter, SonTek Product Manager Janice Landsfeld reviews how to start a single point wading measurement with the FlowTracker2 during the discharge measurement process. She demonstrates the use of pre-measurement graphics to make sure your top-setting wading rod is properly set, the acoustic beam is working, and the sensor is positioned properly before you collect data. [Preliminary video release.]

What SonTek Instrument Should I Use in a River or Stream?

  If you need to collect open channel flow/discharge data in a small-to-medium size river, with all the ADCP options available, it can be a little overwhelming to know just where to begin. Do you need data immediately, or continuous data over a period of time? Is the river deep or wadeable? Do you need to account for rapidly changing flow conditions? These are some of the questions SonTek Product Manager Janice Landsfeld addresses during this short overview of some of the instruments you may consider based on your site configuration and monitoring requirements.

2018 Wilmington North Carolina Oceans & Coastal Workshop

  SonTek, as well as the other brands that represent the Xylem Analytics family often host training events that allow for water monitoring professionals the chance to get "up close and personal" with some of the latest water monitoring technology available. Our Application Engineers travel the world sharing their knowledge in the goal of helping hydrologists, hydrographers, oceanographers, research scientists and all those collecting water data to make smarter, and defensible, conclusions.
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