Video Topic: SonTek-IQ Series

Why Collect Water Quality Data When All You Need is Flow (or Vise Versa!)

Discover the Power of Combining Water Monitoring Technology
  Learn how Grace College's Lilly Center for Lakes and Streams combines water quality and flow data together to better understand the economic and environmental impacts of of environmental conditions on freshwater lakes of Kosciusko County, Indiana, to include harmful algal blooms, zebra mussel incursions, starry stonewort, recreational usage, weather events and watershed usage for agriculture.

Continuous Wave vs Pulsed Dopplers

7 Key Questions to Ask Before Buying Your Next Flow Meter!
  Pulsed Doppler and Continuous Wave (CW) flow meters, otherwise known as “ultrasonic” or A-V meters, are well-known flow measurement systems in the water and wastewater industries. Both kinds of systems are Dopplers, yet they differ in some important ways, both technologically and operationally.

Proper Pipe and Canal Geometry Setup

Why configuration is important
  Product Manager, Janice Yasui, speaks to why you want to take those extra steps in accurately defining your site geometry in advance of data collection.

Instrument Readiness: Pressure Sensor Care

Proper Cleaning Ensures Good Data
  Product Manager, Janice Yasui, talks about the importance of keeping your instrument's pressure sensor free of muck and debris in order to keep your data as accurate and precise as possible.

Using Argonaut Cables for the New SL and IQ Series

how do I know which cable is best for my IQ/SL?
  In this short video, Product Manager Janice Yasui talks about Argonaut cables can also be adapted and used for the newer SonTek-SL and SonTek-IQ models.

Data Quality: Reading Beam Velocities

Check Your Gear Before You Collect Data
  When looking at 2-dimensional Doppler velocity data, do you know how to use beam velocities as a diagnostic tool? SonTek Product Manager Janice Yasui will tell you what to look out for before you start the data collection process.

Upgrade Your Irrigation Flow Monitoring Technology

Tips to Finding the Right Flow Meter for your Irrigation Canal
  Take the guesswork out of outfitting your canal with water flow monitoring instrumentation and avoid data inaccuracies, lost water, over/under irrigation or compromised crop yield.

SonTek's Dylan Bedortha reviews some of the options available - whether you are looking to replace outdated equipment, or simply re-vamp your current irrigation data collection process.

What SonTek Instrument Should I Use in a River or Stream?

  If you need to collect open channel flow/discharge data in a small-to-medium size river, with all the ADCP options available, it can be a little overwhelming to know just where to begin. Do you need data immediately, or continuous data over a period of time? Is the river deep or wadeable? Do you need to account for rapidly changing flow conditions? These are some of the questions SonTek Product Manager Janice Landsfeld addresses during this short overview of some of the instruments you may consider based on your site configuration and monitoring requirements.
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