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Whether you are new to taking flow measurements, or measure currents for a living, our Application Engineers make it their job to work with you at your pace and skill level. Choose from live, hands-on training, or elect to participate in one of our many online “webinars” at your convenience. We offer options as diversified as our customers!

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Our top-notch Customer Service team is always a click or call away. Have a question about your new RiverSurveyor M9? Maybe you just need find out when your CastAway-CTD calibration is due. No matter the topic, we're here to help!

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We get it - sometimes you prefer to talk to someone who understands the challenges unique to your region. Visit our interactive map to find contact information for your local authorized SonTek representative.

Meet some of the team

Lee Pimble

Lee Pimble

Application Engineer and Manager, UK

Lee has over 20 years of experience in the field of hydrometry, both through both the UK Environment Agency, and a leading hydrology consultant specializing in hydrometric field measurements . He is a member of the BSI/ISO committee CPI/113 for hydrometry - velocity area methods.

Kevin Labbe

Kevin Labbe

Application Engineer/Technical Support

Kevin started his work with acoustics in 1996 and throughout his USGS career, was involved with Index Velocity computations. At the end of his tenure with the USGS, he was the database administrator and part of the Central Region Advisory Committee on Data. He began his new career with YSI in 2003, and has travelled extensively in the U.S. in support of both Sontek and YSI products and services.

Mark Tepper

Mark Tepper

Sales Director for Surface Water and Ocean & Coastal, Asia

Mark started with SonTek in 2002. He holds a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering and has over 20 years measuring water on Asia's major rivers to include the Yangtze, Yellow, Pearl, Mekong, Han and Red Rivers. His enjoys working with water resource agencies and introducing them to technologies that makes their jobs easier and helps solve challenging local water issues.


SonTek-IQ Irrigation Flow Meter - Canals, rivers and pipes

SonTek-IQ Upgraded Stainless Steel Connectors

The SonTek-IQ Standard, Plus and Pipe systems are now outfitted with all-new stainless steel hardware, making the instruments ideal for long-term installation in extreme stormwater and certain wastewater applications where corrosion can be a problem. Recent software/firmware upgrades includes:

  • More water level options
  • Advanced settings for difficult flow regimes
  • File size limit on recorded data files
  • Broader Modbus output
  • New Total Volume option
  • and more!