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Whether you are new to taking flow measurements, or measure currents for a living, our Application Engineers make it their job to work with you at your pace and skill level. Choose from live, hands-on training, or elect to participate in one of our many online “webinars” at your convenience. We offer options as diversified as our customers!

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Our top-notch Customer Service team is always a click or call away. Have a question about your new RiverSurveyor M9? Maybe you just need find out when your CastAway-CTD calibration is due. No matter the topic, we're here to help!

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Meet some of the team

Lee Pimble

Lee Pimble

Application Engineer and Manager, UK

Lee has over 20 years of experience in the field of hydrometry, both through both the UK Environment Agency, and a leading hydrology consultant specializing in hydrometric field measurements. He is a member of the BSI/ISO committee CPI/113 for hydrometry - velocity area methods.

Dr. Xue Fan

Dr. Xue Fan

Application Engineer

While you may already know her from SonTek’s stellar Technical Support group, Xue transitioned over to the Product Management team as Application Engineer. She has a Doctorate in Physical Oceanography from Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and Bachelors in Physics and Atmospheric/Oceanic Sciences from McGill University (Canada), She speaks English, Chinese and French.

Kevin Labbe

Kevin Labbe

Applications Engineer

Kevin started with the USGS in the Baton Rouge office. His first duties included water quality sampling, water quantity sampling and computation, and ground water work.  Kevin started his work with acoustics in 1996 and throughout his USGS career, was involved with Index Velocity computations. At the end of his tenure with the USGS, he was the database administrator and part of the Central Region Advisory Committee on Data. He began his new career with YSI in 2003, and has travelled extensively in the U.S. in support of both Sontek and YSI products and services..


FlowTracker2 with optional pressure sensor

Collect Level and Depth Data with FlowTracker2 Optional Pressure Sensor Feature!

SonTek is pleased to unveil the new FlowTracker2 now with optional pressure sensor feature! This new feature allows for:

  • More accurate and precise measure of depth
  • More accurate and precise positioning of sensor at proper depth for measurement
  • Ability to measure in places where sight-reading of depth on a rod is inconvenient or impossible
  • Elimination of chance of human error when depth is manually read on the rod (source of error) and then keyed-in (another source of error).
  • Ability to review and QA/QC depth time series data back at the office.
  • SonTek’s innovative patent-pending method of properly compensating pressure readings under different flow conditions.